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Nothing But the Truth

“Who’s your BFF,” my 8-year-old daughter Natalie often asks. I always lie and say, “Your father.” My answer solves two issues as I see it. First, my daughter feels secure in the belief that her parents are best friends. And secondly, I don’t have to tell her that I don’t have and have never had a BFF. I also can’t call my biological father dad, which is a topic for another essay, but demonstrates my tendency to shy away from labels.


Many thanks to the editors of Nothing But the Truth, published by The Band of Wives, 2012 for allowing me to write about my BFF-less life in Marin. 

Tied in Knots

Funny Stories from the Wedding Day, edited by Lisa Taggart and Samantha Shoech published in 2006. I was honored to be part of this group of writers where I shared an urequited desire to be a solid gold dancer (and by offending a few friends, learned the art of changing a subjects hair color to make them less recognizable).

Bilingual Babycare

Bilingual Babycare, published in 2005, by Lilaguide, was eventually acquired by It was also translated into French and German. Inspired by personal frustrations of communicating very important childcare details with our Spanish Speaking nanny, I partnered with a native Spanish speaker to create the ultimate communication tool for English speaking parents with Spanish, French and German nannies.  Most entertaining part of this experience was being interviewed by a journalist, from The Nations, based in Washington D.C. who wanted to sting me for encouraging illegal workers to not pay taxes. (There was a section in the book on IRS that he had missed), however Rush Limbaugh’s oxycodone scandal pushed my story to the back pages.  

The Good Life Guides

The Good Life Guides, published in last 1990s, I’m sure these books are out of print, but I’m grateful to Peter Mesnick and his crew for allowing me to contribute to these guides. It was my first foray into writing reviews and two decades later, I’m still doing it.